Guests Can Enjoy A Variety Of Exclusive Packages

In 1994, Australia’s biggest tourist attraction was opened. The Crown Casino has served as a major source of entertainment to the public for 22 years. It hosts guests in over 1,604 rooms. Guests can enjoy a variety of exclusive packages which include trips to the hotel and spa, restaurants, and last but certainly not least, the casino. There are signature attractions for this area all of which include: The Brigades and Celebration, Cochere, the Palladium, Seasons of Fortune, and Southern Porte. This casino and hotel is located in Southbank, Melbourne, Australia. With the wonderful view of the Eureka Tower on the Yarra River, this hotel is sure to please all who choose to stay there. Continue reading for more information and history behind the casino and hotel and what it has to offer!

The entire casino complex opened in 1997 upon opening a new location which was updated from the original location that opened in 1994. This location was located on the north bank of the Yarra River. The central business district, which is located in the Southbank area, features the casino as one of the main attractions. As part of the Southbank Promenade, the Crown Promenade waterfront adds to the front and features it nicely. Children who are under the age of 18 can enjoy some of the entertainment that the casino provides. They can partake in the entertainment and shopping sections of the complex. The only areas they are not allowed access into the areas which include gaming as well as the areas that serve alcohol. The entirety of the casino, resort, and restaurant take up about two whole city blocks. This makes it the largest casino complex located in the entire Southern Hemisphere. It is also one of the largest in the world

The Casino opened in 1994 and was located at the World Trade Centre. It was located on the Yarra River, more specifically the north bank side of it. While the location was temporary, it served as a training spot and setup while the construction of the permanent location was being built. One of the famous actresses, Rachel Griffiths, was known for running throughout the casino topless on the night that it opened. The casino is open to the public twenty four hours a day. It is open every day of the week with the exception of religious holidays such as Christmas, Good Friday, and Anzac Day. On those days, the casino is open from 4am to about mid-afternoon. Lloyd Williams, the founder and owner of Crown Casino, passed on his business to Packer in 1999. It still serves as one of the largest casinos and hosts over 500 table games in addition to housing 2,500 poker machines

This complex, commonly referred to as the Crown Entertainment Complex, offers a rewards program. The program is for members who are eligible to earn points on each dollar they spend at the casino, restaurants, hotel and spas, and various other businesses in the same complex as the casino. The notable features of the casino
include the atrium which is the entrance to the building. The fountains are built in a stepped fashion and are the main area where sound and light shows take place during all four seasons

If you ever find yourself in the area of Australia, specifically Melbourne, you should definitely consider visiting the Crown Casinos. The entire visit will prove to be an entertaining and relaxing getaway while enjoying the sites and food that Australia has to offer. You will not regret spending a weekend or longer at the resorts. Visit the website today to book your dream vacation!

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